#TracyZille outed as front for EFF-aligned local government official — Lies, he says


The “white woman” who tweeted a series of racial posts this week has been identified as a local government official in Limpopo.

According to the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), the @TracyZille Twitter account was used to funnel clicks to at least three of the official’s websites in a bid to net an income off the back of the outrage caused.

The account caused a Twitter storm this week after it posted several tweets about the difference between white and black cultures. Other tweets pretended to offer “advice” from white people to other races.

The DFRLab identified the person behind the account of @TracyZille as Anthony Matumba, an employee at the Makhado local municipality in Limpopo and a member of the EFF.

Matumba denied the allegations when contacted by TimesLIVE, saying that he was not given the right to reply.

“When you write about someone at least have the decency to contact them and say their sources are leading them to you,” he said. “Except for those websites, what links me to that account? Why will I want to use an account to write my views?

“I write my own views on my personal Facebook account. Why will I need a private account to write my views?”

According to the DFRLab, Matumba has registered multiple websites in his name, which he monetised using Google’s AdSense.