Forced leave, retrenchments and dismissals: common questions asked by employees during lockdown

Headache at work concept, stressed african-american businessman feels strong sudden migraine working on laptop at workplace, frustrated dizzy black man in suit touching head tired of chronic fatigue

Many people in South Africa have faced challenges regarding their place of work – be it salary cuts, loss of income, retrenchments or liquidation.

The Covid-19 lockdown in SA has brought a steep drop in income for most businesses, resulting in some closing down.

During this time, employees and employers are faced with situations they have never been in before, resulting in a lot of confusion. For example, what if you are told you have to work from the workplace but it isn’t compliant with the health protocols?

Aslam Patel, an attorney at Adams & Adams in Pretoria, answers five most commonly asked questions by employees during the lockdown.