Saudi Arabia forfeited over R70 billion in revenue after banning Hajj due to Covid-19


Saudi Arabia has barred Muslims around the world from traveling to the kingdom to compete the Hajj pilgrimage this year, a decision that will see it lose billions in revenue.

“It has been decided that Hajj for this year will be held whereby a very limited number of pilgrims from various nationalities who already reside in Saudi Arabia, would be able to perform it,” the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said in a statement released Monday.

“This decision is taken to ensure Hajj is performed in a safe manner from a public health perspective.”

Those planning to go on the Hajj this year must be below 65, health minister Tawfig al-Rabia said on Tuesday, according to the Financial Times’s Ahmed al-Omran.

Al-Rabia said that everyone will be tested for Covid-19 before arrival in Mecca and will be required to quarantine upon returning home after the pilgrimage